March 30, 2010


Just a quick little character sketch...her name if Faye, and she isn't much for being told what to do, a rebel child. She lives with her foster mother and was barely 3 when her parents were killed. Since she has grown into a beautiful young adult, but has never lost her attitude...

...dreams from her childhood haunt her...a shadow lurks in her subconscious. It's form is a ominous bat like creature...and other times a man...

March 28, 2010


This is a character I've been drawing every so often. He wears a tie and always has this mysterious look on his face...he's done something terrible. He's scared and angered all at the same time...what happened?


March 17, 2010

Mermaid Kingdom

Program: Corel Painter/Photoshop CS4
I knew I wanted to do an underwater environment of some naturally I wanted to draw a mermaid, but didn't want to go with a totally traditional look, so I decided to add some more fish qualities to her look with the fin along her back and forearms. Overall I was happy with how the lighting turned out.

March 14, 2010

Earthen Fire

Program: Painter/Photoshop CS4
This one took some experimenting, mainly because I haven't worked too much with fire or rock type things. So here's my attempt :P

I dunno if it reads too well but there's a little guy on top of the rock monster. He's controlling well as raising up two more in the background. i tried to stay away from defining contour lines this time. It still needs some tweaking I think, but I think it's headed somewhere.

March 11, 2010

Frankenstein Monster Revisted

Program: Painter/Photoshop CS4
I did this illustration awhile ago, last year I think...anyway i colored it in photoshop before I was introduced to painter. To be honest I hated how the old one turned out, so i decided to try again but this time in painter. Let's just say I was very happy with how it turned out.

March 10, 2010

Lighting part 6

Hooray 20 minutes! I tried to go real fast....I still get bogged down with details though. The eventual goal is to be able to pick out the areas most important to the piece in order to nail the colors/mood/lighting. Practice practice practice.

March 9, 2010

Faylinn and Klippe

I decided to name her Faylinn and him Klippe...They are brother and sister and fly freely among the forests leaves. Small guardians, they keep watch over the creatures and the plants...the sunlight speckles through the trees. They get a taste of it's warmth, but only a taste; for they turn to water if they stay in the light...Their curiosity draws them to the surface. To experience it...just to see what colors the sun paints the earth from above the treetops...


I might start a study on faces...doing a few drawing here and there just to get more comfortable with drawing them. Expressions are a good one I wanna learn better. We'll see how it goes.

March 4, 2010

Lighting part 5

This one is probably my favorite thus took about an hour to do, which isn't too bad I suppose :P...could be faster. I really liked doing the colors in this one.

The Great Hornbill Character Sketches

So I noticed tonight that our Hornbill character was just kind of a...well, bird-ish. Boring, stiff and had no personality. The design was cool, but there was nothing more to it. So here are a few sketches where I tried to have the Hornbill's personality show through a bit more.
She very much contrasts Monkey. The Hornbill is an elegant high class lady of the tallest tree branches. She's a bit snooty, but always proper. Proud and confident her gift will win baby man's approval.

Monkey Character Sketches

Here's a few quick character sketches for monkey in Jimi and I's senior project film. I personally love the pose and expression in the first pic. I hope to have much fun animating the crazy little monkey :P

Monkey is a quirky lax kind of character. Laid back and focused, but utterly spasmic when agitated.

Lighting part 4

Okay this one was a little tough so I spent about an hour on this one. I'm not totally happy with it, but eh...practice practice practice. However i do like the swatching brush stroke style :)

March 2, 2010

Lighting part 3

I am on a roll. Tis the third one I've done today. This one took about 25 minutes to do...I'm getting a better feel for lighting and color, still wouldn't say I'm real good at it...I just need to keep on practicing :)

Lighting part 2

Here's another 20 minute lighting study I did. I'm getting the hang of this...more to come I'm sure.


This was a test I did in class today...only took me about 20 minutes. I'm hoping to get faster with it. But I want to be able and look at a photo and understand the lighting that goes into it...not worry about line and form-I understand those fairly well...anyway, I don't think this first attempt it very good, but it's a start!