Lighting part 3

I am on a roll. Tis the third one I've done today. This one took about 25 minutes to do...I'm getting a better feel for lighting and color, still wouldn't say I'm real good at it...I just need to keep on practicing :)


Jimi Bonogofsky said…
These really have a wonderful impressionist look to them. Makes me want to try. But backgrounds scare me away.

I am still inspired. Great work.
joshaddessi said…
They do have an impressionist look, it's kind of cool they turn out that way :P...don't fear the backgrounds, I used to not like em either. And then i was forced to learn thanks to our senior project. And I'm very glad I did. You can do it!
Muffin said…
I love these lighting ones! This one is my fave I think! :) are they all done digital?