Earthen Fire

Program: Painter/Photoshop CS4
This one took some experimenting, mainly because I haven't worked too much with fire or rock type things. So here's my attempt :P

I dunno if it reads too well but there's a little guy on top of the rock monster. He's controlling well as raising up two more in the background. i tried to stay away from defining contour lines this time. It still needs some tweaking I think, but I think it's headed somewhere.


That is looking pretty cool... one thing you might consider working on a bit is the eyes. I understand the plain white eyes looks soulless, but I think you might be able to explore that a bit more so they aren't just white circles. But I think the colors look real nice and I like that you are staying away from contour lines.
joshaddessi said…
That is a very good suggestion my good man. I think I will play around with some different eyes. Maybe make them crevices or cracks...I guess the original intent was to show that he was connected to the summoner. they both have the same eyes to show that bond, but i think i agree-i shall try some variations.