December 28, 2009

Christmas Present for Mom and Dad

I know my folks love stuff like this, so I painted a landscape picture of our house nestled in the snowy wonderland. I did it with acrylic paint on a standard canvas, but go figure I forgot my paint brushes back in Indiana, so this painting was done entirely using my mother's make-up brushes :P (I had her permission btw)

December 8, 2009

African Princess

Another Princess...we're traveling around the world.

December 6, 2009


So I just watched Memoirs of a was such a beautiful movie that it inspired this drawing...I might tweak it a bit more still, but I think I like it for now.

December 5, 2009

...a dark princess

I decided to try some lighting on this one...tis a continuation in this princess series I seem to be doing...

December 3, 2009

Mauve Princess

I really enjoyed doing this one...I've just been in a princess mood lately.

December 2, 2009

I'm getting the hang of this

I know I've said it about a billion times, but why not again? Ok, for realthe time..THIS is the style of backgrounds Jimi and I are going with for our film. End.

Broken Princess

Forced to marry a cruel prince from a neighboring kingdom...she silently obeys her father's wishes.

December 1, 2009

Tiger and her Gourd

The final design for the Tiger...she's so cute.

Water color and Ink

Just a small test trying different styles for Jimi's and my film.

Different Styles

The first image is done purely on the computer while the second one is done with watercolor and sepia ink. You chose which looks better :)

November 25, 2009


Wendel, the character in my novel, loves to daydream...and in one sequence he imagines this world up in the clouds, a city called Avenclou (proounced Ay-ven-cl-ow)...In this peaceful realm the people here glide to wherever they need to go. They cannot fly, they can only glide. There are numerous geiser wind stations located all over Avenclou. These are powerful upward erupting wind gusts that propel an Avenclou high into the air so that they may glide to where ever they so choose...This is an illustration of Wendel would look like if he were an Avenclou.

November 24, 2009

A Little Mermaid

A little mermaid sketch I did awhile back...but now it's colored-hex yeah.

Indian Fox

A green fox!!

Fire Seeker

A little doodle I did in church...I colored it.

Wendel Wisgickel

Here's a sketch of the character in my NaNoWriMo book...Wendel doesn't usually look like this, only when his cursed inner shadow demon decides to come out

Also his raccoon, Bandit, is sitting nicely on his back.

A Winter Breeze

A sketch I did in elderly woman holding her blanket tight. Protecting herself from the wintery wind.

Indian Rhino

I've recently been into this style of adding decorative detail along the animals with pen and ink. I really like how this one turned out.

Zora Princess

For all of you who know don't know about Zora's, they are a fishlike humanoid race found in the wonderful land of Hyrule. This is my take on what a female one might look like. It started as a quick sketch during one of my classes, but I couldn't stop there.

October 21, 2009

The Frankenstein Monster

A little Halloween picture here. I went for more of a Hulk-esque kind of look for the Frankenstein monster. You really need to click on the image to get the full effect-trust me, it's worth it :P

The Prehistoric Times

My latest comic for our school's newspaper.

October 12, 2009

October 11, 2009


Here's one where it's more warm colored...and I had fun making little doodles all over the foliage :P

October 10, 2009

Oh Style

Just a muted color scheme doodle I was playing with this might be an interesting contrast to stick with more jagged scenery and keep the characters round and curved. But who knows!

October 7, 2009

3D Lifedrawing

This is something we do everyweek for an advanced character animation class. We're given a theme, this weeks was 'love.' I chose to go with a slighly cupid look-it was fun :)

October 6, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Here's an ink drawing of Where the Wild Things Are I scanned in. Click for a larger view. 

October 5, 2009

Leaf Monkey

Lil Tiger

Another pen sketch for Jimi and I's senior project.

Lil Tiger

Well as far as I'm concerned, this is where my conceptual art process has lead me.


I love doodling in ink really small and then blowing it up, I love the texture when the ink subtly bleeds away from the lines.

September 20, 2009

Lil Tiger

More Tiger exploring goodness!...I'm getting a better handle on the body structure since seeing a Tiger up close at the zoo.

September 12, 2009

More Concept Art

Here's some more concept art still, you should just get used to it cuz there's gonna be a lot of this. We're still tweaking it, but mostly we think this is the style we want to go for.


For Drawer Geek's Jr. the theme was the Incredibles, so I drew Dash.

Concept art

This is some more concept art for Jimi and I's senior project. This one shows Lil' Tiger giving her gentle spirit to baby man...and I can't take all the credit for this picture, Jimi drew the baby and I colored and did everything else...teamwork!

August 29, 2009

Lady in Ink

Just a little abstract doodle of a pretty girl.

August 14, 2009

A Flippin' Werewolf

It's not done yet, but I had this random carnal animalistic impulse to draw this werewolf shredding some dude's arm you can see, I acted upon this impulse.

August 12, 2009


The field of cornstalks whisks to and fro...a figure stands still amongst the swaying...but he is not to be feared, for he is a mysterious character Fencewyck is. They say he only comes to life when a child who has not yet lost his imagination and dreams, approaches. Only the children can tell his story, for everyone else has lost their dreams...

August 11, 2009


This is a scarecrow character that I came up with...he's not done quite yet. When he's all finished I'll come up with a little tiny back story for him and everyone will be happy.


A good ol before and after shot of this pixie I've been drawing here and there...I sketched her out in Sketchbook Pro, and then finished her up in Photoshop. I had been dying to use some cool fabric textures that I got ahold of. 

August 7, 2009

The lost days of Power Girl

A vintage reminder found amongst the cluttered filth of a rusty attic space...dust covering this piece of a once proud past...memories of adventure, death, crime, and justice that faded over time, until they were forgotten completely...but a glimpse is seen, and is all we have. Hold to it...and never forget...

August 6, 2009

The Macaw Lord

More Concept art I did playing with the same style as the Tiger below. I drew the macaw in Painter as well as colored him, and then did some photoshop layering, blah blah-bam, tree top hide-away...I like how creepy he turned out :)

August 4, 2009

More Tiger Concept Art

This one took me awhile but I am rather pleased how it turned out. I just abstractly cut out a lot of grass, leaves, and tree layers...added some depth blurs, some lights beams and little dust lights along with the saturated greens and browns, then BAM--jungle :P