Lil Tiger

More Tiger exploring goodness!...I'm getting a better handle on the body structure since seeing a Tiger up close at the zoo.


I'm really jealous you all saw a tiger up close.
Jimi Bonogofsky said…
I LOVE her! I like how you kept the essence of you original design, but made her a little older (not quite so much like a bounding cub), and also added a definite Indian feel to her.

Look at those hind legs. You and your tiger up close knowledge.

By the way. The word verification I had to type before posting this? Raphog. I like that.
joshaddessi said…
Raphog is pretty funny, I think this needs to be drawn out :P...did you also know that if you add a Saffron dot to anything it automatically becomes Indian?

I'm excited about her being a little older as well. I think it will work better.