More Tiger Concept Art

This one took me awhile but I am rather pleased how it turned out. I just abstractly cut out a lot of grass, leaves, and tree layers...added some depth blurs, some lights beams and little dust lights along with the saturated greens and browns, then BAM--jungle :P


Jimi Bonogofsky said…
DUDE. This is how our film HAS TO LOOK. Cutout layers of jungle with lots of foreground, middle ground, background, and the handdrawn animation of the characters! Way to totally show me up, by the by.

But really, I love this look. Just fabulous. Maybe we should even do the heavy shading!
joshaddessi said…
Oh so glad you like it ^_^ ...I've had this 'look' in my mind for awhile now, but for the life of me I couldn't get it on paper/computer-but then finally.

Haha, it seems we have our style-you typed it in all caps, which basically means it's written in blood :P

I like heavy shading :)
Cole said…
Very nice dude. Can't wait for final piece.
Breadwig said…
heavy man, heavy. brooding even. I likes where this is going. totally chutney.