A character I was kicking around, his name is Aexandruill (pronounced Ex-zandreel). But that's his real name, the name most call him is Rupert, but some prefer his elvish name. He's a skilled woodland ranger who only sleeps outside..even when given the option of staying at the local inn, he'd rather be with nature, under the stars...He keeps to himself, and doesn't care for the hired assassin life. Though he's done a few in the passed...But now, he roams the woods, often hunting game to trade their pelts. Some say he fashions his own arrows, whittle and strung his own bow. Everything there is to know about surviving in the wilderness, Aexandruill knows it. He left his village when he was 12, their village is not far from the main road leading to the capital. And when the invasion struck, his village was caught in the path...the entire thing burned to the ground... separated from his parents and sisters. He put to use his knowledge of hunting and surviving, and never had a desire to return back to civilization. So many dinner parties and politics. None for was simpler on the road...and that's way he intends to keep it.


really nice artwork! gd job man!