Logo Practice

(Created in Photoshop) Was doing some logo practice; So I decided to try and replicate WoW's icon. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, AND I got very familiar with layer effect textures, shadows, patterns, and bevels. Also I just had to make the Warcraft "W" a "J" for Josh instead :P **No copyright infringement intended, done solely for personal practice.


That looks good! Did you do any tutorials for this one?
Josh D. Addessi said…
Use a tutorial? - psh. Lol, nah I didn't - mostly trying to figure out (for myself) the layer effects in photoshop. I always understand things waaay better when I figure it out on my own. But yeah I just used an image for reference and went to town!
Anonymous said…
Wow that does look good i may get you to do one for me in future. =)
Josh D. Addessi said…
Haha for sure, I like to think I've gotten better since our last encounter =P