May 22, 2009

Blake's Cafe` and Cupcakery

Behold the coffee shop before I attacked it.

After long vigorous negotiating with what the owner wanted painted on her walls, we finally settled on an abstract top view of 4 cupcakes. 

Being the professional that I am, I found some scrap cardboard in my garage and drew/cut out the patterns for a giant stencil!
I strolled into the shop at about 7 in the evening to start the job and left at about 11:30, but the owner loves it, and says I did an amazing job, so I guess I'll take her word for it :p

The Prehistoric Times

The Latest is in! age old myth explained.

May 1, 2009


Abandoned by her family...forced to find her way in the void of space, she studied with a brilliant man named Jol Farner, and together they helped build her suit of metal. They were falling in love, everyday it began to be more. But pirates had heard of this suit being made, they ambushed her village...destroying everything and everyone. With the suit, Audriana escaped, but could not save her love...She had nothing left...all she had was what remained of Jol. The Metal Suit. A part of him will always be with her, always fighting along side her. She patrols the galaxies to aid those who cannot defend themselves...