Blake's Cafe` and Cupcakery

Behold the coffee shop before I attacked it.

After long vigorous negotiating with what the owner wanted painted on her walls, we finally settled on an abstract top view of 4 cupcakes. 

Being the professional that I am, I found some scrap cardboard in my garage and drew/cut out the patterns for a giant stencil!
I strolled into the shop at about 7 in the evening to start the job and left at about 11:30, but the owner loves it, and says I did an amazing job, so I guess I'll take her word for it :p


Hi, random browsing. I really love this, very simple and stylish. I am a great believer in decoration being under rather than over stated.
thanks for sharing
Carla said…
That was your work? Excellent! I was only passing through but I loved the decor at Blake's; simple, elegant, classic. A great example of "less is more". Nice job!