July 6, 2009

How to draw Spiderman

Step 1: Start with an epic pose...there's no greater model for your drawings than using yourself. Note the seriousness on my face-this is no laughing matter. 
Step 2: Sketch out the drawing using your pose you just captured, you may or may not need to change the muscle structure ;)
Step 3: Ink that bad boy with your handy Micron Pens...Erase pencil lines if needed.
Step 4: Outline and define the shadows, start adding a light base color.
Step 5: The finished product all inked, colored, and ready to go. There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The Amazing Spiderman!


Jesse Nelson said...

His right upper leg is bothering me a little...it seems like it might just snap off at his waist if he stood up (comic book porportions, I suppose...:)) But he does look very much like he's straight out of a Marvel comic!

joshaddessi said...

Haha, yeah I was thinking the same things-I've been reworking that leg, fixing the shading and the width there...I'll have to scan in the updated version at some point. But I like the criticism brother--it's what makes us artists better at what we do. Rock on!

india_delhi said...

Yours inspired me to draw one (but yours is better of course :P)

here's mine: http://img404.imageshack.us/i/imgp0597h.jpg/

RaIkH said...
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RaIkH said...

Very nice Work ! (You look like Zachary Levi ( In Chuck)) !*