The Elvin Witch

Remember those days when we drew with pens and colored pencils? I haven't broke out the Prismacolors in a while, so I got the urge last night-I forgot how much I love the texture. 

The Elvin Witch is a wandering night spirit amongst the dim lit forest...she congers ancient spells that ward off tree demons and gives apart of her spirit to the fireflies' light. The Elvin Witch has never been seen by a human; at least the tale says-she bursts into a thousand fireflies if risk of being seen is eminent...without her presence amongst the forest, it would be a dead place...her breath gives the forest night that little bit of life that keeps it quiet, mysterious and beautiful.


Jimi Bonogofsky said…
This is so so cool! I really love the pose and the twisted hem. Great colours, too. Reminds me of something from a classier Jak and Daxter lol