December 2, 2011

Cap'n Skull Bones

An illustration I did for a Facebook drawing group I'm apart of. The theme was "cut-out Pirates."I had fun doing the cell shaded look, I might have to revisit this style again!

The Christmas Caper, Ice & Fire ebook covers

Two Book Covers I illustrated for a client. I liked how the colors turned out on in these ones. If you'd like to purchase and read the ebooks you can check them out here: The Christmas Caper and Ice and Fire! Happy Holidays!

October 1, 2011

Demon & Dragon

These are two trading card artwork I did for an online facebook game. The first one is Demonicus, he's supposed to be HUGE, one of the hardest bosses to take down. The blue one is Drake, he's a dragon-humanoid who can breath ice :)

September 22, 2011


Some artwork I'm currently working on for a trading card game. Keep your eyes pealed in months to come to help support it!


A quick 1 hour practice run at some pretty clouds using a reference picture. Done in CS5 with custom brushes.

September 1, 2011


A warcraft inspired piece...she's a blood elf - probably a fire mage. But I really like how this one turned out - it might be my favorite recent piece I've done. It shall be a nice addition to the portfolio :P

August 29, 2011

Concept Pencil Sketches

Just a few little sketches I did, trying to get back on drawing with pencils - I'm being sucked into the digital realm!

August 10, 2011

Elven Squire

Tis some practice with skin shading and character design/facial expressions. I like how this one turned out :) ..I might do some more portraits like this one.

July 27, 2011

Illidan Stormrage v2

I decided to redo my drawing of Illidan Stormrage. I like this result A LOT better :)

July 25, 2011

Book Covers

These are 4 book covers that I've done thus far in my career (listed sequentially below)
1. I haven't received the official title for this one yet, but it's about a fare elf princess :)
2. The Model Universe. A collection of short stories [see book here]
3. The Shadow at the Gate, concept artwork for the second book in the Tormay trilogy 
4. The Wicked Day concept artwork for the final book in the Tormay trilogy.

February 21, 2011

Sky Maiden

I wanted to practice some clouds, so this is me...practicing clouds :P Done in Painter 11.

February 4, 2011

The Hero of Time

I've always wanted to do a version of Link, and well-here it is. Done solely in painter, and just had fun trying things with detail, glow, shading, etc.

January 24, 2011


Just a quick little doodle, messing around with facial expressions a bit. I had fun with it :) I named her Lorelei because I just like that name for some reason. But I had fun with the color scheme and trying to have that work together with the expression.

January 19, 2011

Masked Portrait

A portrait study I did, mainly just used as practice with shading, faces, hair and stuff like that.

January 14, 2011


Kallandra, my human warlock from WoW, all colored and purdy...I tried to stay away from my normal obsession with using greens and blues :P ...but I still snuck in some green. I can't help it, it's my favorite color.

January 5, 2011


All colored and purdy, Drew on paper, inked, painter, photoshop. This is my faerie character I've been drawing a lot (I still haven't settled on a solid name for her yet). So for now, I'll just have fun drawing her :P