May 22, 2010


My friends and I are planning on doing a collaborative graphic novel, and I think this is the character I really want to use. She was inspired by both some steampunk/final fantasy-esque influences. Her name is Raelynne and I do want to develop a creature sidekick type character that she ventures alongside with. Hopefully you’ll see more of her in the future.

May 5, 2010

More Elephants!

The caped wonder...Superphant.
You evah see a elephan' fly?
Packyderm, Curly fry style...Curlyphant.

May 3, 2010


A rare Zombie-phant...he just wants to be your friend!
This one's name is Saggyphants, he's saggy...
Grumpy old war veteran elephant :P

The elephant sketch-off challenge. Go!


Vasilia...goddess of the wind...she is the cool autumn breeze, gentle weaving through the trees at night. Done with pastels.