April 20, 2010


I cannot take credit for this character for it belongs to my beautiful friend Cole. But I wanted to pay tribute to the ol chap and do some fan art. His version is much more shorter and cartoony :P Anyway, Flopsweat is a long time friend of Jack Gutowski's. They aid each other now and again fighting crime together, and also fighting themselves given the proper circumstances. With Flopsweat's mastery of sweat powered artillery and Curly Fry's deadly thunder punches, the two form a powerful alliance.


Theresa is Jack's love interest. She's a police officer dedicated to fighting crime. She's torn between following the rules and helping Jack stop crime by abusing her police responsibilities and leaking tips to Jack. She's a fairly good shot with a gun, and has a conservative but sharp personality. Their relationship is to remain in secret...for if exposed they might both be in trouble.

The Conductor

Arch nemesis to Curly Fry, the Conductor is a goliath of a man standing around 7 feet tall, and bigger upon electrical consumption. His body's molecular structure has been formatted to feed off electrical currents expanding his body's density and size. He can grow to heights of 23 feet tall, but any higher than that-things begin to go wrong. He's a powerful foe that causes Curly Fry to fight hand to hand, for using his electrical currents will only make Conductor stronger...or is that also the key to his defeat?

April 17, 2010

Senior Exhibit Postcard

Here's the postcard I designed for my senior gallery exhibit coming up soon, as soon as I get a head count I'll be printing these bad boys and mailin' em out to everybody and their brother!..and yes Curly Fry was included in the design, he's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters I've created :P

April 14, 2010

Curly Fry

Here's a concept sketch of what Jack Gutowski could look like as Curly Fry. He stands at 7 ft tall, but can expand to stand 9-10 ft tall, however he becomes more unstable and flimsy the more he stretches his stance. His signature move is to activate his electrical cords to send a static pulse coursing through is organic titanium coils, he then contracts his forearm coil, clenches his fist, locates his target and fires forth a statically charged impact punch that can reach a target more than 20 feet way with a devastating thunder punch. He can contract his leg coils to jump 500 ft in the air!

Jack Gutowski

Still trying to flush out his bio, but for now we'll go with this. His name is Jack Gutowski. Alias: Curly Fry. Height 6' 3". Weight 210 lbs. His arms and legs are made of a compressed organic titanium coil that can expand and contract at his whim. He wears a helmet to protect his precious face....to be continued.

April 10, 2010

Aedalyn and Loofburrow

Sketch, Photoshop, Painter.
If I ever get the urge to do a graphic novel type story, I have these two characters I really want to incorporate into it. The little wood goblin in the tree is named Loofburrow. Aedalyn is the faerie. They're both very curious and wind up in trouble more often than not. And all of the other faeries think she's very odd for having befriended a wood goblin, but they could care less...for the forest is theirs to explore and protect.

April 2, 2010


Here's a little graphic I did for church, it's for the new lecture series. I had fun designing it :)