February 28, 2010

What Happened?

Why is he so nervous when he looks at this painting?...somethings up.

I did this image in Flash off of a sketch I drew in church. I forgot how much I missed Flash...it was a fun little doodle :)

February 25, 2010


This started out as a pose in my figure drawing class. It was done in vine charcoal. I scanned it in, but decided I really didn't like the legs on the figure-they just didn't turn out as strong as the upper body. So I gave her a mermaid fin. I was going to try and make the digital paint mimic the charcoal quality, but I kind of like the hybrid look or digital and traditional...She's just waking up from a short nap in the mortal sun.

Sorry if there seems to be an overwhelming number a female drawings lately...it's all my figure drawing class could get ahold of. Don't worry, the man stuff will come.

The Holy Spirit

This was a piece I did that just shows a slightly exaggerated and pretty epic vortex of spiritness...but in all seriousness, I really just wanted to show the power behind what it means to be changed for Christ. It's not some little tweak that inches it's way into your lifestyle. It's life changing...it needs to be. And if it's not, then maybe you're not there quite yet. I like to think it just feels like a whirlwind of fresh air, and I don't think it's an easy sort of change so the experience might be hard to endure...transform.

Inspired by Campion

Pascal Campion was our guest speaker today in illustration class. That man has such an incredible style...I must say it was inspiring, so I tried my hand at it...I think it turned out fairly successful, and it's definitely not my normal look, so it took me a few minutes to get the hang of it.

February 21, 2010


I decided to do a picture that put two characters together. I realized I often do my drawings posing to camera rather than capturing the moment they're in. Kind of like doing a photo shoot in a studio as opposed to going outside and taking random pictures of people. There's more realism to be found...I might further this exploration. We shall see.

This illustration is open to interpret however you want...there's a story behind these two characters.

February 19, 2010


This was an image that originally started out as a simple sketch for figure drawing practice. Well, I really liked the pose and how it turned out. Thus I could not help myself so scanned in it went. I inked the lines in photoshop.

Abbygael's curse is her wandering thoughts...she cannot believe what is real. Her dark thoughts splinter away from her body, exposing her...she is helpless to their needs...she can only sit, and watch her sins drift into the world...it wasn't her choice to act as this bridge, but it is her burden she bears.

February 7, 2010

Azure Whisp

So I'm using sketches from my figure drawing class to get some nice poses and then coloring em in painter. I decided to go a bit more abstract with this one, I don't normally go abstract so it was kinda fun :)

The Azure Whisp is a wandering water spirit...Her life was taken while she was still so very young. A death no person should have to face. Cursed by the man she longed for...she would do anything for him, but still he looked away.

...and now, her tears fade into dust...the lake she wanders keeps her secret. Those who run their hands through its pristine waters, can feel her pain...her sorrow.

February 2, 2010

Fairy Princess

It's a shame because I love how this turned out, but I drew in her legs and a bunch more off screen. I like it better cropped though :P