June 24, 2009

Elvin Wizard

Merrick, the elvin wizard, is a powerful sorcerer who summons his powers from the very lifeforce of earth surrounding him. He, like his sister, protects the dwellers within the forest haven. Together, along with the pixies and tree creatures, they make up the haven's inhabitants who all play a part in keeping the forest alive as well as guarding against the evil shadows that lurk in the swamp and mountain domains.

June 22, 2009

A Forest Pixie

Forest Pixie's are fun little sprites who flutter amongst the lush forest. They plant little wild flowers along the twisted paths that weave their way into abyss of the jungle. They ward off evil bugs that destroy the trees...They say if you see a Forest Pixie that you will have good luck. 

June 19, 2009

The Twilight Mage

Laira ( Lare-ah), the Twilight Mage controls the dark shadow magic of old. She dwells in the kingdoms darkest secrets. And despite her evil appearance she has her part to play in maintaining order. Without the shadow, the light would consume everything...She protects the creatures of the night, warding off those who threaten her dominion. This is Laira's vow, and she holds true to it with every piece of her soul.

June 18, 2009

The Great Building

The message for this past Sunday was that we all have a place in the community and Christ is at the cornerstone providing an amazing foundation for us to build on. I took a more literal interpretation with my illustration this time around :P

June 15, 2009

Blast from Past

Back in the day, I drew this guy-it was an early attempt of shading. I wanna say I did this about 7 years ago. That seems about right, anywho-it's a Tiger so it counts as concept art :D

June 11, 2009

Ol' Tiger King

Here's some more concept art for my senior project Jimi and I are working on. This one is of the Ol' Tiger King done in wonderful pencil and ink, and some colored pencil too...I think it turned out looking like an older tiger? If you thought making humans look old is hard, try to apply that to animals :P

The Elvin Witch

Remember those days when we drew with pens and colored pencils? I haven't broke out the Prismacolors in a while, so I got the urge last night-I forgot how much I love the texture. 

The Elvin Witch is a wandering night spirit amongst the dim lit forest...she congers ancient spells that ward off tree demons and gives apart of her spirit to the fireflies' light. The Elvin Witch has never been seen by a human; at least the tale says-she bursts into a thousand fireflies if risk of being seen is eminent...without her presence amongst the forest, it would be a dead place...her breath gives the forest night that little bit of life that keeps it quiet, mysterious and beautiful.

June 9, 2009

Senior Project

Here's some concept art for an upcoming senior project that I am working on with Jimi Bonogofsky. The first one is of an old African storyteller, the second is a Macaw ruler who dwells high in the tree tops, and third is Elder Chimp-who is the wise leader of the twisted gnarled tree forts that are home to his people. The story is yet to be revealed but just know that it will depict a journey of a Tiger searching for the most meaningful gift :D