March 28, 2009

Paint upon a Child's Wall

If you couldn't guess, well this is my Interpretation of C.S. Lewis' most beloved characters. The lion head in the picture is about 4 feet tall. I did this in the play room that belongs to 4 wonderful children. They all loved Narnia and knew I was ok at art stuff, so I volunteered to do this complimentary mural for them. They can escape to Narnia anytime they want, seeing how it's now in their playroom.


After all the hard work of modeling and rigging this dude, it's nice to just be able to play around with him, putting him in poses, testing the is so worth all my time and effort just to see the magic of it all come together in a fabulous 3D render.

Fug struck this exact pose, according to ancient cave markings...the message and picture were hard to make out, but archeologists believe they saw a picture similar to this one with an inscription that translates to, "How ya doin'. " 

Fug-Wolverine Style

So I was bored and decided to give my bald little caveman some claws, the facial expressions I get out of him are turning out quite interesting. 

March 16, 2009

Fug has an Idea!

An animation test I setup to get a feel for the character and his facial movements. He may have a little brain, but when he gets to brainstorming-you best be watching out. 

Fug, The Caveman

The first of many preliminary rendering tests. The ol' flabby caveman looks pretty cool all modeled, shaded and rigged by yours truly. 

March 13, 2009


A man named Jack, born a ninja...will die a ninja...they call him-Ninjac.

March 6, 2009

The Prehistoric Times

The next installment of the Prehistoric Times for all you followers out there. This weeks theme was another lost species left undiscovered. The Ninjasaurus was extremely fast and agile, it's stealth was unrivaled. And, if it wasn't for the flood, they would still be the dominant species upon this earth.

The Seed Sower

This piece was an illustration of the parable in the book of Matthew about a seed sower. Some seeds fell upon the path and were eaten by the fowls. Some seeds fell upon the rocky ground, but they were scorched from the sun. Some fell amongst the thorns, and they were choked whilst they grew. And some seeds fell upon good soil, they bloomed and flourished, producing much fruit.