January 31, 2009

The Darcryer

This being of judgement, is known by most as the Darcryer. His cloak gives off a faint heat, that can be felt when he is near. He prys upon the evil, knowing their heinous deeds. He will not kill, these damned souls, for he knows a greater judgement awaits them. The Darcryer merely comes to them in the night, enters fear into their hearts. It stares in them with it's dark eyes, and makes sure they know why it has come. The evil men awake the next morning thinking it to be a dream...but have a remaining fear that hinders them from a continuous walk down the path of unrighteousness. 

January 28, 2009

The Mermaid Princess

The Mermaid Princess spends her days speaking to the fish, and underwater creatures. She is in tune with the ocean's rhythm and song. As it flows this way and that, she can feel it's joy, it's pain. 

January 18, 2009

The Dactylhoard

The Dactylhoard, is home to Fug. It's a peaceful culdesac that provides shade, comfort, and a darn good piece of property. This luxurious accommodation gets it's name from the hoards of Pterodactyls that set their perches up-top it's stone towers. 

Fug, The Caveman

Fug lives a routine life, sleeping in, hunting small dinosaurs, and always trying to invent new tools to aid his lifestyle. He has a rather large under bite, but it defines him. 

Joy Amidst Darkness

Can you find Joy, when all else seems to be turned against you? Even in trying times, we need only look outside of our narrow focus to see the many blessings that surround our lives. This was our theme for Church on Sunday, and I was asked to create a picture to express that.

Tristan Stoan, Undercover Agent

Agent Stoan patrols the underground in Cavanaugh City. Crime lords know to keep a clean trail behind them, for if they slip...Stoan will find them. He vows to cleanse the underground of it's filth by any means necessary, even by fatal force.

Ragmus Skelekin

A lost soul who perished a long time ago. Tormented by his haunting curse, he roams the deadlands in search of something, no one knows of what he searches...Legend says, that if you stare into his hollow eyes, that you can see what torments him so. Odds are if you're close enough to see, then you're just as close to death.

Kirveala the Witch

Kerveala is a witch I created for a Drawer Geek Jr. club we have at school. She has long curly hair that can grow in length at will. She may have stunning looks, but will not hesitate to cast a parakinesis spell to immobilize your movements. 

Father Winter

Father Winter lives within the snowland forest, and keeps quiet watch over the white pastures, the sloping hills, and the timid animals. 

American Idol, Robot Style

This is a picture I drew using Sketch book pro. It was a quick freelance opportunity that I was asked to do. Just a simple Robot singing into a microphone. 

January 13, 2009

Old Man Evolution

This one was alot of fun to do as well. Aside from the fact that it's Charles Xavier speaking, I created an original character to fit the voice and act/talk to the dialogue. This one took many hours of drawing before we scanned it into the computer and could click and paint in Toon Boom. The sound may be a bit quiet on this one so I encourage you to turn up your speakers!

The Prehistoric Times Comic

This one was another comic for the school newspaper, The Huntingtonian. I have established a theme of trying to incorporate dinosaur humor in the strip, hence the name: The Prehistoric Times.

River Sketch

This piece was done with paint on a glass light box. It shows a progression of lines that come together to make a scene. I had a lot of fun with this piece, and love how the music fits with it.

January 12, 2009

Orang-a-tang Island

I worked all semester on this one. I worked on the texturing, lighting, and animation in Maya and then composited it together in Adobe After Effects. The focus was to get as best lighting in our scene as we could along with many different render passes composited together. The trickiest part of this piece was to get a bright visible rim light and still keep a night time atmosphere.

January 8, 2009

Comic For the Huntingtonian

I've been interested currently in Dinosaurs having been talked about in the Bible. There are some loose translations that could be referring to them, such as some verses in Job. I decided to have some fun with the topic and give my little theory of how the dinosaurs became extinct.