This was an image that originally started out as a simple sketch for figure drawing practice. Well, I really liked the pose and how it turned out. Thus I could not help myself so scanned in it went. I inked the lines in photoshop.

Abbygael's curse is her wandering thoughts...she cannot believe what is real. Her dark thoughts splinter away from her body, exposing her...she is helpless to their needs...she can only sit, and watch her sins drift into the wasn't her choice to act as this bridge, but it is her burden she bears.


Ryan Paxton said…
I like. I realllyyyy like. Maybe that's because I love the female figure so much. I really don't have anything to critique in this other than the face. I wish it was less ambiguous there.

I'd personally like some constructive criticism on my figures. :P
Chad Bierdeman said…
Was this from todays figure drawing?