November 25, 2009


Wendel, the character in my novel, loves to daydream...and in one sequence he imagines this world up in the clouds, a city called Avenclou (proounced Ay-ven-cl-ow)...In this peaceful realm the people here glide to wherever they need to go. They cannot fly, they can only glide. There are numerous geiser wind stations located all over Avenclou. These are powerful upward erupting wind gusts that propel an Avenclou high into the air so that they may glide to where ever they so choose...This is an illustration of Wendel would look like if he were an Avenclou.

November 24, 2009

A Little Mermaid

A little mermaid sketch I did awhile back...but now it's colored-hex yeah.

Indian Fox

A green fox!!

Fire Seeker

A little doodle I did in church...I colored it.

Wendel Wisgickel

Here's a sketch of the character in my NaNoWriMo book...Wendel doesn't usually look like this, only when his cursed inner shadow demon decides to come out

Also his raccoon, Bandit, is sitting nicely on his back.

A Winter Breeze

A sketch I did in elderly woman holding her blanket tight. Protecting herself from the wintery wind.

Indian Rhino

I've recently been into this style of adding decorative detail along the animals with pen and ink. I really like how this one turned out.

Zora Princess

For all of you who know don't know about Zora's, they are a fishlike humanoid race found in the wonderful land of Hyrule. This is my take on what a female one might look like. It started as a quick sketch during one of my classes, but I couldn't stop there.